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Anti Wrinkle Facial Products:


Wrinkles are caused by a loss of collagen and elastin. Choose a wrinkle treatment that makes the skin and tissues firm. The degree of wrinkling depends on your genetic makeup, but smoking, dry skin and sun exposure (especially sunburns) make it worse. Dynamic motion -- making facial expressions -- also causes permanent creases over time.

There are a number of wrinkle treatments from which to choose. The anti wrinkle treatment you choose can be tailored to fit your unique aging problem.

  • An effective compliment to Retinol anti wrinkle treatment, a night cream restores the glow and elasticity of youthful skin. Natural ingredients are also contained in some wrinkle treatments and unique blends of herbs are known to preserve and protect aging skin from sun damage. Retinol anti wrinkle treatment releases pure and active vitamin A below the skin's surface, reducing the signs of aging. As a result, skin renews itself, and fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced.

  • DHEA is a hormone that preserves the skin’s youth and is a very effective anti wrinkle treatment.

  • Cell Renewal Formula is beneficial in treating wrinkles. This is another anti wrinkle treatment that reinforces the waning metabolic function of the skin. This cell renewal formula is an effective wrinkle treatment.

  • Botox injections are one of the successful anti wrinkle treatments that also help migraine sufferers. Botox is a toxin, and when injected, it blocks the chemical that makes muscles move. This component also helps with migraine pain

Botox Wrinkle Treatment targets specific areas that develop wrinkles. Frown lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles are injected with a medical protein called Botulinum. While extremely dangerous in its pure form, Botox has been found safe to treat neuromuscular disorders and for wrinkle treatment. This wrinkle treatment is injected into the target area. This wrinkle treatment paralyzes the facial muscles and the wrinkles appear softer and more relaxed. This form of anti wrinkle treatment is temporary. The target area produces a dramatic difference and this anti wrinkle treatment is effective and safe.

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How does this Botox anti wrinkle treatment work?

The Botox wrinkle treatment blocks the nerve impulse to the facial muscle representing the expression line. The wrinkle treatment relaxes the muscle so it does not contract. After the wrinkle treatment has been administered, the overlying skin is smooth while the untreated facial muscle contracts normally allowing an unaffected facial expression. In other words this wrinkle treatment’s resultant weakening effect on the facial muscle temporarily reduces previous skin creasing and new skin creasing is avoided

This Botox wrinkle treatment is perfectly safe. Botox treatments have been used in a variety of different conditions, but it is now effectively being used for wrinkle treatments and reversing aging signs. This wrinkle treatment is popular because it is not invasive and the wrinkle treatment is a short in-office procedure. It has become very popular because results of this wrinkle treatment are visible and last for about 6 months before the anti wrinkle treatment needs repetition.

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Alternative Anti Wrinkle Treatments:

  • The gradual development of facial wrinkles is the early sign of skin damage and inevitable aging. Whatever the reason of facial wrinkles, safe and successful wrinkle treatments are available with the help of a Plastic Surgeon.

  • Injecting or implanting substances are wrinkle treatments that temporarily weaken facial muscles. This wrinkle treatment can act as fillers to soften or eliminate the appearance of wrinkles and produce a more youthful radiant appearance.
    Facial wrinkle treatments are usually performed in a private convenient office setting that is safe for persons who desire anti wrinkle treatments.

  • Injectable collagen, an animal protein filler material is another wrinkle treatment. This anti wrinkle treatment is formulated for safe use on different areas of the face, including the lips and crow's feet, forehead, cheeks and chin. The anti wrinkle treatments are performed in the office with minimal side effects.

  • Human collagen matrix is another wrinkle treatment used for the reconstruction of soft tissue defects. It may be placed within the upper and lower lips, to flatten and reduce wrinkle visibility. With this anti wrinkle treatment the material maintains the majority of its volume correction similar to the injectable collagen wrinkle treatment. Another implant wrinkle treatment is a nonresorbable synthetic material that produces volume enhancement in the deep facial creases. This wrinkle treatment is also placed during an office procedure with local anesthesia. This anti wrinkle treatment has a short recovery period.

  • Fat grafting is another wrinkle treatment that creates a natural augmentation for the face, especially in the lips and mouth area. The fat for this anti wrinkle treatment is harvested from the abdomen and is also repeatable.

  • Collagen Replacement Therapy is a wrinkle therapy that provides Collagen treatment on a localized basis in salons. Collagen Replacement Therapy is an anti wrinkle therapy that works well in conjunction with both traditional treatments and newer treatments like facial toning machines.

  • Vitamin A Wrinkle Treatment Cream
    This wrinkle treatment cream hastens the cellular renewal process. This wrinkle treatment gently encourages the removal of dead cells, and creates a youthful appearance of your skin. This wrinkle treatment helps diminish wrinkles, leaving the skin soft, smooth and supple.

  • Artecoll is another form of wrinkle treatment that improves laugh lines, small lips, acne scars and wrinkles and furrow lines associated with the aging process. This form of wrinkle treatment is not yet approved by the FDA for USA use but the manufacturers of this wrinkle treatment are anticipating imminent approval. This anti wrinkle treatment can be compared to Collagen wrinkle treatment and can be combined with other plastic surgical procedures. Recovery from this wrinkle treatment is immediate, with immediate visible results and no pain is incurred with this wrinkle treatment. The result is a beautiful and natural improvement with this wrinkle treatment. This wrinkle treatment is also long lasting.

  • Medical application of Laser for anti wrinkle treatment utilizing a pulse dye technology is also available to cure wrinkles. This method of wrinkle treatment stimulates collagen growth with the pulse dye laser. This wrinkle treatment results in an improvement in tone and texture with a diminution of facial redness, fine lines and wrinkles. These pulse dye lasers have been used for the treatment of other conditions but now the same system can be used in anti wrinkle treatments. This anti wrinkle treatment is non invasive, no downtime and relatively pain free.

  • Another form of wrinkle treatment that does not require surgery is a machine that massages the face and stimulates the muscles to help reduce wrinkles. This wrinkle treatment improves elasticity and tightening of the skin. This wrinkle treatment does not leave any marks when complete and lasts for about 9 months

Remember that expectations for any facial wrinkle treatment must be realistic. The patterns and severity of the facial wrinkle formation is unique and individual and appropriate wrinkle treatments for each case must be tailored to the particular problem. Management of certain wrinkle treatments may require repeated procedures. After each wrinkle treatment, some mild irritation or bruising may occur that is unavoidable, but can easily be camouflaged with standard make-up. Some minor pain and swelling after different wrinkle treatments may take longer to recover.

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A Summary of Different Wrinkle Treatments:

  • Tretinoin and other retinoids have been approved by the FDA and American Association of Dermatology as very effective wrinkle treatments. These creams are available per prescription for wrinkle treatment.

  • Laser resurfacing is another wrinkle treatment. CO2 and Er YAG lasers are approved as wrinkle treatments. This anti wrinkle treatment process burns away the outer layer of skin, bringing a less wrinkled layer to the surface. This wrinkle treatment, known as laser therapy, is performed under anesthesia in an outpatient surgical setting.

  • Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). This wrinkle treatment removes dead skin cells and this anti wrinkle treatment also stimulates collagen production that contributes to plumper looking cells. The long term effects of this anti wrinkle treatment are being investigated.

  • Collagen injections are a medically supervised wrinkle treatment.

  • Chemical peels are another efficient medically approved anti wrinkle treatment.

  • Botox injections can also be used in the anti wrinkle treatment fight.

  • Fat transfer, yet another medical wrinkle treatment. This anti wrinkle treatment involves the removal of fat out of the buttocks and injected into the creases in the face.

If you are interested in wrinkle treatment, you should discuss the many medical anti wrinkle treatment options with a dermatologist.

In conjunction with other wrinkle treatment regimens facial muscle exercises are a must. Contrary to popular belief facial muscle exercises do not cause wrinkles, but rather eliminate them. Be sure to include these daily exercises in your anti wrinkle treatment program. An easy and affordable wrinkle treatment; these daily facial exercises tone the face muscles and effectively remove the wrinkles. Facial exercises will help return the muscles to their natural shape and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

Facial exercises alongside whichever anti wrinkle treatment routine you choose will enhance the program. Facial exercises enhance the quest for a younger and healthy glowing skin.

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